Beyond Change Management

Current organizational theory recognizes that change is inevitable, and so must be managed. This, however, makes change sound like an illness rather than a creative process. The two aspects of Shiva (lack of change and chaotic change) can certainly be dire, but change enables complex systems to adapt and evolve. We know that dehydration and over-hydration can both kill you. But water is the stuff of life! So is change.

Therefore I offer a process of finding organizational τέλος that is similar to that described in “Life Transitions & Search for Meaning.” It involves the following aspects of complex systems:

  • Organizational History
  • Phases of Development (Strange Attractors & Bifurcation Points)
  • Emergent Properties
  • Balancing Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva
  • Balancing Stasis & Chaos
  • Embracing Uncertainty
  • Unfolding Your Organizational τέλος

The categories above apply equally to both individuals and organizations (indeed, any complex system). Therefore, this process is extremely helpful when your organization is facing a significant transition, or when changing external conditions call for an adaptive response. However, to assure sufficient time to go through this process thoughtfully, it may be even more beneficial to begin it during a period of stability.

In either case, I’ll help you do more than manage change—I’ll lead you through a process in which change will be understood and implemented within the context of your organizational τέλος.

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